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Magic Negative Air Ion Humidifier

Magic Negative Air Ion Humidifier

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1. Moisturize the skin and purify the air, make life more comfortable.
2. Heavy fog, reducing air drying, keep the level of moisture. 
3. Romantic starry projection.
4.It can rotate 360 degrees, easier to use.

Material ABS + PP + PE + silicone + electronic components
Size 70 * 66 * 213mm
Input voltage: DC5V
Style: Anion
Working current: 200mA-450mA
Water tank capacity: 200mL
Use power: 3.5w
Spray amount: about 40mL / H
Product standard: 1 host, 1 data cable, 1 Chinese and English manual, 1 qualified
Color: Pink Blue White
Weight: 140 g
Water tank capacity: 200mL
Spray amount: about 40mL/H
Product packaging: 72 * 72 * 221mm
Packing quantity: 80
Outer case size:58.5*37*46.5cm
FCL net weight/gross weight: 17.5kg/18.5kg

Package Content: 
1 x Host, 1 x data line, 1 x manual , 1 x qualified

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